Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Why Relevant Ads Are Not Displayed On Your Website?

Google Section Targeting is one resource that most of the bloggers overlook. If I were to ask this question to bloggers who have been using AdSense on their blogs for over a year, they would say that it is one thing they have never heard of until now. If you really want to make the most of the Google AdSense Program, then you must carefully understand and make use of section targeting from now onward.

What By the Way is Section Targeting.
I am sure that everyone who has been using AdSense for a while on their blog or Website might be facing the problem that the Ads displayed on your website do not match the content of your website. This happens mostly because your blog's content is not highly targeted to the keywords you have written for. For the bloggers whose posts do not stick to original theme of their website and wander away from the topic very often it is frequently occurring. While Google does its best to display ads according to the general theme of your website but still you can help Google further by using section targeting for your content.

What it means is that you recommend to AdSense which sections in your post you want to highlight more or ignore while selecting Ads for your blog. It is similar to asking Google to only spider the content you select in your post rather than your entire post for getting more ads that are relevant to your website.

How to implement Section Targeting on your Blog.
You can use the HTML code given below to implement Section Targeting by Google AdSense.

This Section contains text you want Google to spider while selecting appropriate ads to your website. Use the important keywords here and focus on the general theme of your website. It is similar similar to something like this: make money online, how to make money from your blog, make money working from home, making money online, blogging to make money, earn in dollars, my blog is the best money making blog on the Internet, I make millions by blogging, etc.

In the above-mentioned example, you are specifying the section of content you want Google to target and ignore rest of the post. This is exactly you can get targeted ads to your website and most of the top earning sites use this technique to generate relevant ads. However, there is an easier way to achieve section targeting as described below.

Use weight=ignore tag to hide content from Google
You can use weight=ignore tag to specify to Google which part to ignore for getting ads. By using !-google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore)- tag on the sections of your website you can specify to Google that you want it to ignore the content that follows after the tag to keep your ads highly targeted to the keywords you are after. Check out all the pages of your blog and make sure that all the ads displayed on each and every page is relevant to the content. If not, you can add this tag to the part of the text that is different from the basic theme of your website. This would ensure that you always get the most appropriate ads on your website.

The utility of weight=ignore tag is that you can deviate from the main them of your website and still you can get the most relevant ads by choosing to ignore the content which you think is inappropriate for you to get the relevant ads. If you really want to make the most of Google AdSense Program then you must use section targeting on your blog or website.

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