Thursday, 28 September 2017

How To Sell Text Links On Your Website?

Selling text links is a method to earn a fixed and safe income from your website. In fact, there are many bloggers with good readership making huge money from selling a text link spot on their website, even more so than the Google PPC ads. Let us understand how you can sell text link spots on your website.

Put links on the hot spot region of your page.
It is a misconception that advertisers buy a text link space only to get better search engine rankings. These links also serve for traffic building to their website. If you place text links at the bottom of the page or some other place where it may not draw attention of your readers, the link advertisers will not be making much by sponsoring the link. Before buying any advertising link from you, the advertiser will visit your blog to check out where you have placed his advertisement to make sure that whatever money he is paying to you is worth investing. If your paid links are close to top of your page, you increase your chances of getting a sponsor.

Never call your Sponsored Links as your Sponsored Links
Text Links allow search Engine Indexing and hence allow SEO benefits to the sponsored advertisers. However, Google is against sites having these kind of links, as these are easy way to get traffic to your site as against the traditional way of building links to your website. Google is working on methods to detect these sponsored links and penalizing the sites that buy them or sell them. The problem Google is facing is to differentiate between sponsored and non-sponsored links. A very easy and obvious way to detect a sponsored link is to look for a sponsored link labelling on the website. That is why your paid links cannot be called as sponsored links instead you can call them as recommended sites. Calling your paid text links anything but obvious will help you get more sales and prevent Google from blacklisting your site.

Seed the links if you do not have any sales
Advertisers are like sheep- they like to follow but not initiate. When they come across a site with no links on it, they would shy away from it. However, if they see a sponsored link on a website they are more likely to purchase as compared to a site with none. If you do not manage to sell a link, the best thing you can do is to sponsor yourself and put the links in your sponsored links section. Either you can link to other website you manage or you can link to any affiliate deal you are promoting.

Register Yourself with Text Link Ads
There is nothing better than selling your own links by yourself, not many are successful in doing that. Then what should be your next step? Unless you have a decent readership you would find it difficult to sell Text Link Space, the best option in that case is to sign up with Text Link Ads selling websites. Text Link Ads will list your blog in their marketplace thereby exposing it to thousands of potential and willing advertisers. They take some of the share but it is always better than having nothing at all.

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