Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Is Your Site Rejected By Google For Adsense Program?

Have you ever applied for adsense program and got your application rejected?

Here are some of the reasons you may get rejected by Google when you apply for Adsense program for the first time:

1. Is it a personal website?
Google usually rejects personal sites because they do not have a definite theme or niche. These sites have a random content and you do not know what to expect from the next post. It is difficult for Google to display targeted ads on such websites because the topics are random. google is looking for a website concentrating on a particular theme or niche with loads of useful information. This would enable Google to display targeted ads to your website.

2. Is the site organized?
Make sure that all the information on your site is well organized and there is no broken links on your site. Don't use artificial colors and make sure each page has a similar look to the others.

3. What are the number of pages on your site?
Even though google has not laid a minimum page requirement but be rest assured that you should have minimum of 10 pages on your site with rich content and less flash or photographs.

4.Is the content worthy of getting Google adsense?
The content of your website should be original and one which is beneficial to others. Just posting links to other sites sends a wrong signal to Google that you are not willing to put in the hard work to develop the content yourself. Be sure you have a good niche and informative content.

5. Do you use content copied from other website?
If your site is exact carbon copy of other site, you may never get Google adsense and your site will be banned from google search engine as well. It will also have legal implications if you steal someone else's content and put it on your site.

6.Have you read the TOS of adsense?

Don't just blindly accept the TOS, make sure you go through it before accepting it to make sure that your site is not violating any of the TOS. This increases your chances of getting adsense with your first application.

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