Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How To Make Your Ads Work For You?

Choose the correct ad format :
Dress them for success.How do you want the ads to be displayed on your site? Banners? Rectangles ? Square ? or even Skyscrapers ? What about the border colors and background for ads?

The choices are multiple and confusing. Many people don't experiment and stick to the default settings provided by Google. From my experience I can tell you that you are committing a big mistake if you are doing this. It is the difference between earning $ 10 instead of earning $ 100.

If you are running a website with Google ads using the default ad settings believe me you have earned only 10 % of the amount you actually should have. There are thousand of combinations and you can experiment till you find out a combination which works well for your site. But for the really impatient ones who don't want to spend long hours experimenting with the ad combinations, here are few tips that will help skyrocket your adsense CTR and earnings.

The most important point to be kept in mind here is that people visit your site to get information and not for ads. Do not make your ads stick out from the site's content by using peppy colors, images, borders which make people easy distinguish them as ads and avoid them. The ads placed on top and bottom are very easily ignored.

If you to have a high CTR , make your ads look like an integral part of your content. But before that we need to understand what are the type of ads available and their uses.

Text ads- Probably the finest ad type.This type of ad is suitable for most of the sites. A small headline followed by a description and and a link to the advertisers website. There are various shapes and sizes available from which you can choose the most suitable ones for your site.

Image ads- Very easy to ignore.These ads stand out from the content and thus are very easily ignored by the readers. Make sure that text ads is always your first choice as people give preference to content rather than images.

Link Units- To be used as fillers.These ad units occupy the least space and can be as profitable as the text unit. The are small and most often go unnoticed , this in no way reduces their effectiveness.

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