Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Get Your AdSense Account Reinstated

It has happened with most of us, worst email a blogger can receive: Your Adsense account is disabled. You are no longer part of the program and you are deemed as a cheat by Google.

Here is what you need to do to get your adsense account back in 7 days.

1. Never panic.
Google is not the only PPC advertising company in this world, there are better options like Yahoo,Bidvertiser which you can move to instead of adsense. There are thousand other ways to monetize your blog. Keep a cool head and don't panic.

2. Investigate the matter.
Information is everything in this case. It could be a friend,relative, colleague or competitor who would have accidentally clicked on your ads.Gather the information and pass it on to Google.

3. Make an appeal.
Fill out an appeal form for disabled accounts. Telling the truth will only help solve the matter.Any suspicious activity is to be brought to google's notice.

4. Be patient.

It is mentioned that it may take upto 48 hours for them to hear your appeal but in reality it may take upto 100 hours to hear your appeal. be patient and don't bombard them with too many emails to be labelled as a spam.

5. On reinstatement,be happy

If your appeal is successful be happy and be careful to go through the TOS. It takes 48 hours to display google ads on your sites again. You might not lose too much in those two days as compared to the amount of money you will earn for the rest of your life.

6. Appeal one more time.
If the ban is not lifted from your account,be patient and polite,make sure you appeal again. wade your way through the information and see if there is something important which you might have missed. Are you sharing the same IP address with someone else, this might be the case when you use a cyber cafe or office PC. You are told not to appeal again by Google but you should , this time with much more information that will help Google investigate the matter in a better way.

7. Email the authorities.
Google employees are hard to trace, but you can trace them by using the Google search engine itself and email them explaining the whole scenario. You can also go to adsense help forum and get help from Google employees which visit the forum very often and are always willing to help you. If you don't get anything from this at least you can get some traffic to your blog by pasting your link on the forum.

Share your experiences with this program. Have you ever got your adsense account disabled?How did you win it back?

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