Monday, 7 August 2017

Best Link Building Techniques For Your Blog - Part I

Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is one of the best methods to get link backs to your site. Guest blogging is not dead and will never be, as long a blogging exists. Guest blogging exists for two reasons: site owners looking to break from the routine blog posting to take a break but keep the blog running and site owners looking to introduce different style of writing by bringing in someone else to write for them.

Also, as a blogger you should focus on sites that could drive some traffic back to your blog. The higher the authority of the blog better it is for you and your blog. With that being a fact, it is not bad to write guest blog for low authority website, one never knows what could happen to these websites in future. Guest blog only for the websites whose content and niche is similar to yours.

Guest blogging is more for relationship building than acquiring links. If you build a healthy relationship with someone, you can easily benefit in multiple ways from it. Guest blogging is a second tier method of link building but it is one of the most ignored methods of link building. Guest blogging helps you in two ways: promoting yourself on the other blog and exposing your blog link to increase your reach.

The most important point while writing a guest blog post on sites you are competing with for better search engine rankings is to avoid using targeted keywords. If you use the keywords you are targeting for your blog in the guest post, it is likely that the blog with the guest post will get better search rankings. Please make sure to avoid excessive link backs to your site from a guest post as it makes you look greedy for back links and may spoil your relationship for future.

Have you tried guest blogging yet? If so I would like to hear from you, how is your experience with guest blogging so far?

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