Friday, 7 July 2017

Why You Should Link To Other Blogs?

One of the biggest concerns in the world of online publishing is content plagiarism. It is a serious offense and many bloggers had to pay huge penalties for it. Nothing in this world is for free and hence content theft is a crime. It takes time and effort to produce original and compelling content. Publishing content on your website as your own without citing the source or linking back to it is not justified. With that being said linking back to the original source has many advantages.

Bloggers love it when somebody links to them without expecting any favor in return. Most bloggers will link back to your blog out of gratitude. Linking to important blogs in your niche helps grab attention of bloggers and link back to you. This will create a buzz about your site and whole lot of links if you are generous enough to link to sites in your niche. Linking to other blogs in your niche and other blogs linking back to your blog will create a flow of traffic among the linked sites. However there are some important points you need to keep in mind before attempting to interlink blogs in your niche.

Link building is a gradual process. One cannot expect to have thousand blogs linking to you in a day. Link directories that offer to build incoming links to your blog are fooling innocent bloggers who want to achieve success in short span of time.

Limit the number of blogs you link to from your blog. Too many links on your blog may be considered as spam and it can get you banned from major search engines. When it comes to linking to other blogs, quality is more important than quantity. You must link to blogs which get huge traffic and are popular among your niche. Linking to bad neighborhood may end up hurting your rankings than doing any good for your blog. Make sure that blogs that you link to have some inclination towards linking to other blogs, otherwise it is better not to link to such blogs.

Merely linking to other blogs in your niche is not enough. You need to produce best content and use it to link to other sites. Bloggers appreciate links which are placed on popular posts.Write a post on a hot topic in your niche, a topic everyone is talking about in the blogging circles. Look for topics which are not discussed by top bloggers and get their attention by linking to their posts.

You can create a resource page where you can simply provide links to blogs specializing in particular topics. For example you can create a resource web page for web hosting sites and categorize them according to price, quality of service, etc. Alternatively you can link to blogs in and outside your niche using a general topic like - blog I have stumbled across this week/month.

Be generous in linking to other blogs and you will get back the links without asking for them.

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