Sunday, 9 July 2017

Tips To Improve Your Blog - Keep It Simple

Making money with your blog is a whole lot easier than some of the so called blogging gurus pretend it to be. That being said it is human nature to exaggerate things more than required when it comes to blogging. Blogging is not a complex art, keep it straight and simple.

 People take it for granted that complexity is a necessity, which sometimes may be true but not always. A blogger must keep in mind the background of his readers before writing each post. For example if your post is dedicated to a scientific research, you may be forced to add a little complexity to your post. On the other hand if you are narrating a personal story, it is better to avoid complexity (complex words and phrases) which may end up confusing your readers.

Readers are only interested in things are relevant and concerning their lives. They tend to scan useful information from the blog in matter of few seconds. If a post is too complex to understand and find useful information, readers tend to quickly leave such post and look somewhere else.

You must keep it as simple as you can. Simple and relevant titles help people save their valuable time. Similarly good subtitles and highlighting of important points is essential ingredients to help your readers. Readers prefer sites which are easy to read, not too complex topics, simple and clean language and easy to navigate menus. Readers are inclined to visit such sites again as these sites are helpful and understand their psyche.

The opposite also holds true for bloggers. Writing complex articles on the other hand may end up annoying your readers. Keeping your articles simple and to the point will keep your readers interested and help you make money from your blog.

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