Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Set Your Goals And Strategies Successfully

Goals are the greatest motivational tools which bring joy to your life once you manage to achieve them. They aid you to keep learning and progress, understand the value of life, live in present but think about future. Hence you must set your goals and strategies successfully to achieve big.

Goals can be set at both personal as well as professional level. Goals help you define priorities and channelize your energy towards accomplishing predefined tasks. A large goal can be divided into number of smaller goals which can be easily achieved throughout the course of the day and ultimately helping you move a step closer in realizing your ultimate goal.

Let us suppose you want to make your blog the most popular blog in your niche. This is your main goal, but it cannot be achieved overnight. You need to break this goal into short term goals which can be achieved easily. You could aim for having 1000 RSS subscribers in one year's time and increasing your blog traffic by at least 10 % every single month. Short term goals are easy to coordinate, achieve and provide personal satisfaction.

If you are not measuring the outcome of your efforts, you will never achieve your goals. Measurements are essential to make sure you are progressing in the right direction. You might have to revise and rethink your strategies if the success is not as expected.

There are certain rules you need to follow while setting your goals:

1. Set up realistic goals.

Setting up realistic goals might help you progress faster then any other blogger. Do not overshoot and expect miracles in a short span of time. Stretching the limit is good but stretching it too far is not advisable. Prepared to be patient and do the hard work for very little reward in the beginning.

2. Track your goals.
Setting up goals is useless unless you have some tools to track them. Be sure to check that you are progressing towards your goals by using these tools. These tools could give you the number of visitors to your blog, click through rate of your ads and so on. Measuring your performance will help you to achieve your goals in the predefined time frame.

3. Be consistent in your goals
Set up goals which you can achieve easily without disturbing your personal life. For example if you have a full time job and a family, you should devote no more than 1 hour daily to set up and promote your blog.

Remember it is a man that makes a goal and not vice versa. So motivate your self and start working towards your goals immediately.

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