Saturday, 1 July 2017

Right Approach to Affiliate Marketing

Many Bloggers hesitate to do affiliate marketing because it is a very tedious business in itself, the entire risk is transferred to the publisher from the advertiser.The advertiser is thus risk free or with zero risk.Affiliate marketing is done on a CPA (Cost per Action Taken),means the customers have to respond in some way or the other e.g. they may have to buy a particular product,subscribe to a particular magazine or signing up for a newsletter.If affiliate marketing doesn’t work,the advertiser may back off and the blogger loses heavily because the space he had set aside for affiliate marketing could have been utilized for other CPC or CPM programs.

It is very disappointing that most of the bloggers don’t take affiliate marketing seriously,because if done correctly affiliate marketing can make more money than your CPC or CPM programs.Many people look at others earning huge PPC checks from Google AdSense but they forget to take a look at the checks they receive from affiliate programs.I am pretty sure that the affiliate checks would be more bigger in amount than their PPC checks.So lets discuss how to correctly go about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Involves Pursuance and Preselling
Most people think that they can sell their product easily by having a nicely designed banner at the top of their website.They think that they can have the customers soaring in for their product this way.One thing to remember here is that affiliate marketing is different from normal Internet advertising and it involves more effort than just putting up a banner on your site and waiting for someone to click on it.

There are various forums who survive in this competitive world by promoting affiliate products.In fact more than 75% of their total Revenue comes by selling Affiliate products.Don’t use banners to promote these affiliate products because they occupy a lot of space and as I have discussed they rarely work.You can promote affiliate products by having a Hot Deals page to attract the customers.The Hot deals page lists out the hot deals the affiliate market has to offer.However we must take care to present it in such a way that the readers don’t view it as an advertising page.We are making him aware of the best and the hot deals and where to get these from.The reader is thinking that he is getting a good discount on the product or service offered only to forget that you will make a commission for anything he purchases listed on this page.

That is exactly what affiliate marketing is all about – the presell. You affect(manipulate) the potential customers mind in such a fashion that he is forced to respond to the offer positively.A banner may not be helpful. A sense of trust is important in the case of affiliate marketing.Your readers know you and hence trust you,and when you represent a product they will respond to the offer based on the trust which you have build with them.

The best way to promote an affiliate product or a deal is from your blog itself.Your readers will read your post and by adding your personal opinions and views about the deal you make your readers realize as to what the affiliate deal has to offer.Remember this can create a potential conflict among your readers and it is always nice to let them know before hand that it is an affiliate deal that you are offering to your readers.

The key to affiliate marketing is how well you endorse the product , but is still nice if you choose an affiliate product to promote which matches the niche of blog.To find out the affiliate deal that matches your niche you may join an affiliate program like Commission Junction,, Linkshare or and Linkshare have thousand of vendors promoting different kind of products.I hope you can find one which suits your blog.

If you are not doing affiliate marketing its time to do it now,and if you are already doing it on your blog this post will help you achieve better results than before.If you have any queries regarding affiliate marketing or would like me to review any affiliate deal in my next post you are always welcome.

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