Monday, 10 July 2017

How To Write For Your Readers?

A good writer can communicate with his audience clearly and concisely. It is the responsibility of a blogger to write for his readers instead of himself. If you want to be a good writer and increase your popularity among readers, you need to focus on their needs and demands. Give them what they want and you will be surprised how much benefit you will get from it as a blogger.

Before you begin writing your post, you need to consider following points:

1. Who are my audience or readers?

2. What is the purpose of this post?

3. What are things I can share with my readers?

4. What is the benefit to my readers?

Introduce your post to your readers and help them find the information they want. Include only the information which is relevant to the topic and helpful to your readers. Use words, phrases and sentences which can be easily understood by your readers. Use statistics and images in your post to support all the claims made by you in the post.

Writing for your readers has certain advantages as listed below:

1. Increasing your subscribers:
If you keep the interest of your readers in your mind regularly, you will find that number of loyal readers will increase steadily.

2. Social Networking:
The better the quality of your posts, the more people will recommend it to their friends and supporters. Writing relevant posts will help you grab attention of other bloggers in your niche and build good relationships with them.

3. High Quality Traffic:

If you stick to a topic of discussion without including irrelevant facts and suggestions, you will increase your chances of boosting your search engine rankings and hence getting highly targeted traffic to your blog.

If you write for your readers, you will become successful and well known blogger among the blogging fraternity sooner rather than later.


  1. Excellent tips. I agree, knowing your target audience and their needs/interests is so important. Equally I also feel it's important to be authentic and bring a bit of your own personality into blog posts (depending on the type of blog you write). Very useful!

  2. I think not all traffic is created equal. Some traffic will drive conversions while other traffic will not. It doesn't help to get tech people to click on your food blog or vice versa.

  3. I try to write some posts for me and some that give back to my readers so I can create a fine balance between the two. It is definitely important to know who your audience is! x

  4. Great tips. I constantly get stuck with writing good content (I also really hate writing) these are some good tips to keep in mind.

  5. Great tips, very useful. It's always worth thinking about who is going to be reading your blog x

  6. Those are great questions to ask before writing a post. I always try to ask those questions before I write. Great post full of tips for those beginning their blogging journey.


  8. great tips and i totally agree about writing for your readers - I'm doing my best :p

  9. Great post! I sometimes write and then read my text and realise nobody would even understand what I was trying to say haha..

  10. Great tips!! I was struggling a bit these days with ideas and this definitely helped x

  11. These are some great tips! I agree that content is a key but promoting to right audience is very important!

  12. These are all excellent tips. I'm still trying to master the art of what and when to post on social media :)

    Louise x

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