Monday, 3 July 2017

How To Make Money From Your Blog

To make real money from your blog you need to do more than just displaying Google Ads on your blog. For beginners it is the easiest way to monetize their blogs. Your main aim should be to find out the maximum number of ways to extract money from it, without making it too obvious to your readers and providing them with rich and useful content beneficial to them. You may always come across people whining that you have too much ads on your blog even though you would have only one like I have. So what to do about these kind of people, remember these kind of people who complain loudest about advertising are the ones who will never click on your Ads. You don’t make money out of them so would you consider their complaints about too much advertising? The decision is upon you.

How do you know when to take these complaints seriously ? 
Well the answer is quite simple . Always keep a track of traffic to your blog . If it starts going down , you need to make changes to your blog . The chances of traffic going down because of too much advertising is very slim and I would say it is next to nil . You may conduct a poll on your site to find out the real reason for your readers not being happy with your blog and too much advertising won’t be the top reason for it. There are many top blogs on the net with over 15 advertising blocks on each page but nobody complains. Even if the readers complain these blog owners don’t care listening to them . If you really want to monetize your blog , you might as well do it now.

How to mange your Ads ?
First of all the question to be asked is why do you place advertisement to your site. The answer is quite simple only plain text is very boring and is seldom attractive, so people blend their content with ads to give their website an attractive look and enhance the pleasure of reading. Now the key to placing the advertisement on your site is to make it look more attractive without crowding it with too many . There should be and ad visible with every scroll of half a page. It is possible to have good number of ads on your page and still look good with proper ad placement.

Another important thing to remember here is to use as many different ad formats as possible. Having only single type of ads everywhere on your page would make it look boring. Experiment with your site use different type of ad formats like banners, buttons, text links, affiliate links and try to optimize your ad placement without making it too obvious to your readers.

The advertising options available for your blog is as follows:
  •    Contextual Advertising (PPC Ads) like Google Adsense ,Yahoo Publisher Network ,Chitika ,   Clicksor and many others.
  •    Targeted Advertising to attract the advertiser to directly to bid to advertise on your blog.
  •    Text Link Advertising services.
  •    Affiliate links like ,
  •    Selling your own content like Ebooks , DVDs , Videos.
  •    Consulting services depending on your topic and level of expertise for a predetermined fee.
  •    Donations if your blog is supporting a noble cause.
  •    Selling Products like T-shirts or merchandise making sense to your topic.
So choose wisely and make sure you maintain rich user experience while monetizing your blog.

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