Thursday, 6 July 2017

How To Get More Out Of Your Blog?

Be different from others get a favicon now

The word favicon may not be familiar with most of you as majority of blogs do not have it and they don’t even bother about it and end up using the default . To make your blog stand out among all the others in the bookmark section you can rely on using a favicon. The process is very easy to implement , I suggest everyone to do it immediately . All you need is a small 16 x 16 pixel JPG or PNG image which is relevant to the content of your site and save it as a favicon.ico file. Upload this file to the root folder of your site and then add the following codes in between the head tags :

link rel="shortcut icon" href=""
link rel="icon" href=""

Instead of above URL you can put URL of your favicon.ico file and you are done. Now whenever somebody visits your blog , they will see your customized icon instead of the default icon and if somebody has bookmarked your site it will also show up in the book marks as well. If a reader has many bookmarks , it will definitely help you stand out among the many present which are without a favicon.

Time Stamp your posts

This feature is very important for the Bloggers who do more than one post per day. Some Bloggers publish about 10 posts per day which are evenly spread across the day. Some may wonder whether these authors sit on the computer all day long. No they don’t ,they do all their post and timestamp them.

The timestamp feature shows the time when the post goes live . Normally , the time displayed is when the blog is published but you can adjust it. Anyone can write a bunch of posts in advance and timestamp them so that they are displayed during different hours of the day. Using timestamp is very easy . You need to write a post like you normally do but instead of hitting the publish button timestamp it so that it goes live later at a predetermined time. Your post wont display until the timestamp you have put on the post.

Timestamp is important because it gives you time to think and get ideas for your new post because you have two or three posts in the pipeline waiting. By the time the last one is published you may already get the ideas for your new post.

Changing your URL to a more user friendly one.

By default the URL allocated by WordPress is a dynamically generated sequential number. The domain name may look something like this www.yoursite/?p=12345 .To Google search engine it doesn’t mean anything . Instead if you provide a URL Google will immediately find out what your post is about. It improves your chances to be indexed on a search result page than by using one which is dynamically allotted. To have a chance of being better ranked in the search engine rankings use a URL which are date and name based .

Set your Preferred domain name

Most of the sites can be reached by the following two domain names . or . From a SEO point of view pick a format you are most comfortable with and stick to it . It helps you from the ambiguity of having two different rankings for the same page . You can do this by setting your preferred domain using Google Webmasters Tools account.
The preferred domain is the one you would like to be used to index the pages of your site. Other sites may link to your site using either www or non www versions of the URL but your site may be indexed in search results using only one of the two forms.

Do you have more ideas to make your blog more effective? I want to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments section of this blog post.

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