Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How To Get The Content For Your Post- Part I

The most difficult part for any blogger is how to get unique and interesting content. In order to solve this query for all the bloggers we are introducing several ideas to get fresh content for your blog in this two part series. 

1. Use your ideas. Write yourself

I must have to admit that it is the most hardest way to create a content . Also , I must add that it is the most time consuming but the most rewarding one. If you have an idea about the topic you are covering then you must be the one to write on it. The advantages of writing the topic yourself is that you are absolutely sure that whatever you are writing is unique and its quality can be controlled by you and you have your views expressed on that topic . As I mentioned people read your blog because of YOU. A personal touch to a topic is what differentiates best blogs from the good ones. The disadvantage being that it is time consuming and after a point of time you may think that the article is not going as per the plan. At that point you may think of deleting that article and your effort is wasted. But nonetheless if you try writing an article each day be it a very small one , you may show improvement from second week you may get the confidence to write any article on any topic you are comfortable without having to refer to anything. You would be proud of yourself and readers would be more attached to you this way.

2. Hire someone to write for you.

If you can’t do it yourself, then you can always hire someone else to write for you . How he is rewarded by you is between you and the writer. There are some sites who hire full time writers on salary , and then again there are some sites who pay per article posted. There are some sites that don’t pay anything at all. Any method that you follow, make sure you have legal rights of the article once they are posted . Because there are instances where a writer submits his articles to many tech sites at a time . This creates duplicate copies of the same article and it leads to a sticky situation between the writer and the site owner.
Another thing you may intend to do is to hire writers of other forums or sites to rewrite an article or review for you . This way you already know the quality of the writer . Important thing to keep in mind here is that you should assess how much you are going to get from the article and then pay the writer any amount keeping in mind that you should be in profit at the end of this transaction. There are some sites who forbid you from hiring somebody else to write for you. Keep the sites policies and conditions before striking any deal of this sort.

3. Ask your readers for help.

You may even ask your readers for their valuable suggestions . Remember everyone wishes for the 15 minutes of fame they can get in their life. Having their article on the front page of their favorite site is one way of doing it. But before publishing their articles on your site you must carefully assess the quality of the article . If you accept the article from your readers make sure you mention it in the TOS that the submitted article are your property.

4.Trade articles with others in your niche.

To sometimes bring out a change in your content , you may chose to trade an article with another site owner. Choose an older article from each other to be posted .The main advantage over using this one is that chances of the content being duplicated is very minimal. However the article being older you may like to update the article , but that would only be minimal amount of work as compared to writing a brand new one.

Did you find the ideas discussed in this post applicable to your blog. Do let me know your thoughts and views in the comment section of this blog.

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