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How To Become A Top Blogger In Your Niche? Best Tips for Bloggers

Being a blogger is never easy, there is so much competition in each niche. Each niche has top blogs which get maximum traffic and sales leaving other blogs with very little or not traffic. Top blogs are making thousand of dollars each month and account for more than 50% of the total traffic. So what can you do make your blog successful in your niche and compete with top blogs?

Blogging should be taken up only if you are passionate and have a steady source of income in order to support your initial efforts. It requires lot of hard work and the rewards will start to show up only after 6-12 months. There are many bloggers that quit within a year if they are not successful. Let us look at few qualities that you should develop as a blogger in order to be a top blogger in your niche.

How To Become A Top Blogger In Your Niche

1. You love writing: 
You don't need to have exceptional writing skills as a blogger but should be able to write effectively in order to convey your message to others. You should love writing on a particular topic in your niche. Initially one must be required to write multiple posts in a day depending on the necessity and niche demands.

2. Being disciplined is very important:
As a blogger one needs to be disciplined in every respect. You need to follow a fixed time table for all your tasks as a blogger especially while writing new posts on a regular basis. A blog which is updated less regularly may end up losing its readers over the course of time.

3. Being honest:
The most important part of being a blogger is your integrity. For gaining trust of your readers you must be honest at all times. Never provide information to the readers for which you do not have concrete proof. Sharing false information can be damaging to one's reputation as well as it can hurt the people who do business with you.

4. Willing to learn:
As a blogger one can never stop learning. There are so many opportunities left to explore in every niche and new discoveries are happening every day. In order to be successful one must keep on updating their knowledge with the latest trends in the market. One must never stop visiting other blogs and gain knowledge as well as experience. Blogging is all about sharing one's experience so that others can benefit from it. Even the most successful bloggers do keep aside few minutes of their time to read other blogs in their niche.

5. Communication is the key to success:
If you want to be successful, you need to be excellent communicator. The real work begins after writing a blog post. The manner in which you communicate with others and motivate them to visit your blog is the key to achieve success as a blogger. Take time to reply to all the comments posted on your blog. Not replying to blog comments is considered to be rude. You need to increase your social media presence and followers over the course of time by communicating effectively.

6. Being creative:
Creativity is the key to success in the blogging world. As a blogger you need creativity in order to attract people to visit your blog. Creativity will define how well you can present a particular topic which may or may not have been discussed before by others. Being creative and unique will help you stand out from the crowd.

7. Being of importance to your audience:
Blogging is the best way to connect people in real. Write for people and not for search engine robots as you need real people visiting your blog. Understand needs of your audience and provide information accordingly. Identify information needed by your audience and how your audience will use it. as a blogger you should shape your audience and then they will listen to all that you have to say to them.

8. Networking:
As a blogger in a particular niche you need to identify top bloggers and build network with them. The better network you build, more will be the reach of your blog. While social networking sites will give you temporary success, real success is build by networking with other bloggers in your niche. Also, being in a network will help you get readers consistently over a period of time.

9. Keep it simple:
The design of your blog should be very simple. The website should not take too much time to load. Visitors should be able to find the information they are looking out for without having to navigate or wait too much. Adding too many advertisements will hide content and in turn affect the user experience. Hence my advice would be to keep it simple and keep it clean.

10. Build Your own brand:
It is not easy to build a name for your self in any niche but when you do it, it opens a sea of opportunities or you. Building a brand name for yourself is sure shot way to being successful online. Don't try to build just your blog but try to build a brand name for yourself. People will look up to you as a mentor and guide to help them being as successful as you are. Selling as a brand is much simpler than selling as an unknown individual.

11. Don't try to make money from every single reader:
While it is understood that majority of people take up blogging in order to make money online, there are some exceptions. It is practically impossible to make money from every single reader of your blog. Most of the experts believe that you should not provide exceptional information to the readers for free but you can do it differently. Providing useful information to the readers for free may help you gain their loyalty. Using this method you can expand the list of loyal readers. Once you have sufficiently large number of readers you can sell them something which is of great use to them.

12. Encourage social sharing:
Use social sharing widgets for your blog. The more your content gets shared on social networking websites, the easier it is to get traffic to your blog. Great content can only be discovered if people are made aware of it and there is no better way to make people aware than social networking websites.

13. Enjoy your life:
Blogging is a way to make money online and with that being said, some people become obsessive with blogging so much so that they tend to neglect their regular life. Blogging should only be a part of life and not whole life. As a blogger it is therefore necessary to maintain work life balance all the time. never neglect health and relationships as they will deep impact on your blogging skills in the long run.

14. Never give up:
Being a successful blogger and being able to take up blogging as a full time profession is a life changing experience. Like all the things in life, it will not be possible to become a successful blogger overnight. It takes time and effort to be successful. Small failures along the way should not stop you from dreaming and achieving big goals.

I wish every blogger reading this post all the success in becoming a top blogger. Do let me know your feedback on this post in the comments section. Happy Blogging!!!

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