Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Create Alternate Content To Improve Your Reach

There are so many ways in which you can provide information to your readers besides textual form. You can use audio, video, free pdf distribution and free templates to provide information and create awareness about your site. A recent survey shows that people are more inclined towards audio visual sources for getting information rather than plain text. The main reason being that comfort level is more and hence one can concentrate on audio visual sources for longer period of time as compared to reading.

As a blogger you should be using audio podcast as well as videos on your blog. It is the best way to break the using posting schedule, engage your readers for longer duration and provide relevant information which can be easily retained by your readers. Everyone likes and appreciates some form of music.

There are many plug ins available that help you host audio files on your blog. The plug ins are very simple to use and you must choose a plug in that suits your needs. Sidebar is the best place to place some audio clips. Make sure that your audio clips do not auto-play as it is not appreciated by most of the readers. Most of the people surf sites while at work and last thing they need is for music to start playing automatically. Let them decide whether they want to listen to music or not.

A few years ago blogging constituted of posting interesting content accompanied by relevant pictures and graphics. This doesn't work anymore; readers expect your blog to be different from several other blogs which are dedicated to the same niche. Every blogger is using widgets and gadgets to grab attention of the readers.

Write my site has explained effectively 6 types of content every digital marketing agency should create. Well known bloggers are now showing inclination towards using more videos on their blog. You can add videos to your blog from free video hosting sites such as Youtube, Yahoo videos and metacafe. Using free video hosting sites is a good option because videos are hosted on their servers and hence you save your server bandwidth.

When you are experiencing a writer's block, it is better to create an audio visual post using Youtube videos. This helps you keep your blog active and provides your readers useful audio visual information. Adding videos can be a plus point as some videos can be really informative and of great help to your readers.

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