Sunday, 16 July 2017

Can Interlinking Help Your Blog?

If you have been blogging for a long time you may find that all the posts on your blog are not indexed by search engine. Search engine traffic is highly targeted traffic. Search engine traffic is the best in terms of converting visits into revenues. Hence it is important to make sure that you do not lose even a single visitor from search engine. Interlinking is the best way to help search engine discover your older posts and index them. This is way to tell Google that all the pages on your blog are equally important. In ideal situation you want all pages of your blog to have the same page rank.

 Reasons to interlink your blog posts:

1. Provide your readers with additional information on related topic.
Interlinking improves the experience of reading and provides additional information related to the topic discussed in your post. The main aim of a blogger is to engage and motivate his readers to surf through multiple posts. If a reader discovers useful information from your archives, he will definitely show an inclination towards your blog and may become a regular reader of your blog.

2. SEO
Interlinking is helpful in SEO. Interlinking tells search engine your preferences and the manner in which you want your pages and content to be indexed by search engines. Link from other blogs as well as from other blogs helps to determine page rank of your site.

There are two methods for interlinking your posts:

1. In your blog posts.
Your post always contains keywords; find a post from your archive that is dedicated to that particular keyword. Linking to your older posts using anchor text is the way to interlink your posts.

2. Updates.
There are posts which may require rewriting in order to keep them up to date. Instead of rewriting them, you may update them by writing a new blog post and linking to your older posts. This helps to save time but still provides good results.

3. Further reading
You can manually choose posts which are related to the post and recommend it to your readers. Further reading link normally appears at the bottom of the posts and provide a user friendly environment for rich reading experience.

If your blog has over 100 posts, you must start interlinking your older posts. This is important because you may not be able to post with the same frequency, you may have writers block. In these cases merely updating your older content and linking to it may help you a great deal.

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