Monday, 19 June 2017

How To Add Personality To Your Business Blog?

The method in which online business are run these days are very different from the old. Customers like to interact with a real person instead of just the brand name. If you want to set up a successful online business you need to spend some time online and interact with your potential customers.

It doesn't matter the nature of business you want to set up online, it is not enough for you to offer your services at a competitive rates than others. Customers want to know more about you and your experience in the field before they make up their mind to purchase a product from you. Thus it is very important to have a strong online presence in order to convince your customers to purchase products from you and not from any where else. Present your business website in such a manner that you are not there only to make money but build long lasting relationships which will help your business grow as well sustain against the competition. You need to add your personality to your website.

Methods To Add Personality To Your Blog:

1. Add a photograph and a small introduction about yourself to let others know a bit about you.

2. Get others who have known you for a long time to write a testimonial for you on your website.

3. Offer a free ebook in which you can add some personal as well your business details.

4. Share a weekly podcast and a video post with your readers.

5. Stay away from controversies as it can do more harm than good for your business.

6. Stay closer to reality and do not promise things which you cannot deliver.

After this being said, it is your personal decision on how much personal you want to get on your blog. According to me the more personal details a blogger shares on his blog better is the connectivity between him and his readers.

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