Sunday, 18 June 2017

Extend Ideas From A Single Topic

The blogs that are successful in the long run are the ones who keep on adding fresh content regularly. Writer's block is a problem that every blogger has experienced sometime in his life, in this case bloggers have no clue about the source of inspiration for their next post.

Important point to remember in this case is to know your limits and do not put yourself under undue pressure for fresh ideas. This method involves developing a mind map which will help you get ideas for new posts from the posts which you have already written on your blog.

Take each one of your previous posts and use brainstorming method to find out whether any of the ideas expressed in these posts can be extended further. Simple suggestions that will help you develop new posts from the old ones
1. Discussing a question or suggestion given by your reader on that post.
2. Writing against the ideas you previously expressed in that post.
3. Taking news post and expressing your opinions about it.
4. Making the article more useful for your readers by writing a 'How to ' post.
5. Building up on ideas previously mentioned in your post.

It is all about learning from your previous post and taking the ideas further. Thus you are doing nothing but looking at the topic from another perspective. This adds value to your blog and for your readers as they get what they are looking for. This also allows you to be creative and come up with as many out of the box ideas as you want.

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